Life Insurance

Life Insurance

A detailed discussion of what to do for those whose insurance is currently ongoing.

All the information that I will be discussing is from my experience.
In that case, many may feel good and many may feel bad.

I will tell those who like it that there are many poor miserable mothers-sisters or brothers and sisters next to us, many of them have no idea about insurance. So we will save ourselves and save others.

Discussion of ongoing insurance,

Q: What is life insurance or what?
A: Life insurance is a method by which the insurance company will stand by you in the event of a financial crisis for you or your family.

Q: Now you are wondering what is the benefit of insurance?
Answer: You will benefit from insurance in many ways. For example: – If there is a sudden accident and there is a financial crisis for your treatment, then the insurance company will bear the cost of your treatment. In addition, if your term of insurance is 5-10 years and you die with 1 installment, the full amount of insurance will be paid to your family.

Now let’s talk about installments

Those who have 5/10/12 year term insurance.
Those who live in monthly / 6 monthly / annual installments.
Those whose term of insurance is 2 years, ie
Monthly = 24 installments
6 Monthly = 4 installments
Annual = 2 installments
You have paid, please do not drive anymore. The installments that you have paid in two years will be refunded to you at the end of your insurance term after deducting any expenses.
Come now
What could be the consequences if you continue?
I’m talking about the current situation, the future can not be said now.

Let’s calculate, let’s catch

You are paying 6 monthly installments of 5,000 USD. From there 40/50/60% will go away as soon as you deposit the installment in the code number of the reference to which you are insuring and a percentage will be credited to the upline code of your reference, and the rest will be credited to your name. But you will be given a deposit receipt for all the money.
5000 * 40% 2000 Upline 5% 250
5000 * 40% 2000 Upline 5% 200
That is
In reference quota = 4000 USD
Upline quota = 500 USD
Deposited in your name = 5500 USD
In this way, all the installments you deposit will be credited to their quota from all installments till the expiry date. However, the percentage will come down in the next installment.

1 / You will be given a detailed discussion on how to give you a receipt for all the money even after the money has been deposited in the reference quota.

2 / What to do after the end of your insurance will be discussed later.

Thanks everyone who.

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